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Mr. B.S.N. Nair

Mr. B.S.N. Nair, an Engineering College Principal could not walk and talk properly, lips were shifted to one side, hands had sluggish movements, and eyes were drooped, had swelling all over his body and needed help to perform his day to day activities. He had a semi paralysis on his left side. Paralysis on the left side is difficult to cure. After two days of treatment he completely believed in the treatment and the therapist and then the treatment went smoothly. Everyday his body was worked upon for 3 hours methodically. Acupuncture was explored in all the deepest manner and possibility. It was not the theory from books or study that helped. Keeping in mind the basic principles of acupuncture the points were used in a creative manner and it yielded results. Within a month of treatment, he could walk without help. His eyes became normal and his speech was clear. The swelling has gone and now he can walk with balance. His shoulders and limping while walking is still to be cleared which will hopefully be cured as the treatment continues. Mr. B.S.N. Nair Engineering College Principal Ph:+91-9446030878

Mr. Shanker

Mr. Shanker, photographer with India today came with severe heel pain. He could not walk, especially in the mornings and surgery was advised. He was treated for about a week and there was considerable change. He confided in the therapist and believed that his pain will be cured. More than the acupuncture theoretical points, it was the patient's condition and psychological boosting coupled with the therapy done in an entirely different manner that helped. With confidence, he continued the treatment for 4 months and was totally relieved of his heel pain. Mr. Shanker photographer, India today Ph:+91-9447770182

Mrs. Chandrika

Mrs. Chandrika, a retired College College Lecturer was the first professional patient. She had a heavy swelling on both her legs for 15 years; pain the chest after undergoing a heart surgery, constipation, and knee pain. The swelling completely went away after a treatment of 3 months. With the treatment for swelling, her other symptoms disappeared in the order of their appearance and swelling was the last to be cured. Mrs. Chandrika Retired College Lecturer

Mr. Jaya Kumar

Mr. Jaya Kumar, a retired ITI Principal had a backache of 28 years. He was treated for two months and the backache has gone. Mr. Jaya Kumar Retired ITI Principal Ph:+91-9447533192

Mr. Suni

Mr. Suni was 34 and had no children because his sperm count was only 20 and the motility rate 2.5. Within 17 days his sperm count increased to 85 and the motility rate to 10.After a month the sperm count is 115 and the motility rate 25.It was a dramatic change.

Mrs. Supriya

Mrs. Supriya came for obesity treatment. She reduced 4 Kg's within a month and is perfectly happy.

Mrs. Thara

Mrs. Thara came with a severe shoulder pain and was cured with 2 sittings.

Mrs. Prema

Mrs Prema came from a faraway place with severe shoulder pain and she has been cured within 2 sittings.

Mrs. Sreedevi

Mrs Sreedevi came with the complaint of severe back pain and shoulder ache. She was relieved of her problems within a month.